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An EASY Guide to Online Poker Sites in February 2019

best online poker sites is a straight forward internet poker rooms guide for February 2019. On this poker site, players can find legit room rankings, reviews, and info where to play poker online for real money in 2019.

The Best Online Poker Rooms In 2019

888 Poker

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For the Canadian, UK, EU, AND Australian Player, 888 poker is one of the overall best poker brands in the world. 888 offers good traffic, software, support and great promotions. Create a new account and you can grab a 100% free $8 no-deposit bonus (no strings attached). 888 does not currently allow real money accounts from Americans. Poker

room screenshot is on of the newest internet poker brands which offers worldwide support without player restrictions. This site is widely marketed to many gambling niches which results in lots of fishy players and the ability to play with and against United States Residents for real money. Betonline is February‘s most widely marketed poker room across the internet as a trusted US friendly option.

America’s Cardroom

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America’s Cardroom is a current hotspot for real money online poker for US players. AMC offers good bonuses and game selection catering to low to mid-range tournament players. New players visiting through OPB receive automatic 27% cash back on rake and tournament entry fees. Americas Cardroom brings customers poker through the Winning Poker Network.

PKR 3D Poker

room screenshot is the industry’s best option for poker games in true 3D. Not only does pkr offer a unique online poker room for fun and real money players, but they also run legitimate promos and bonus deals that make them a viable home poker room for serious players. Unfortunately, No US players are supported at this time but Canadian, UK, EU, and Australian players can play the best 3D poker at pkr.


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BETFRED has been a leading UK gambling brand since 1967. In 2005 Betfred launched its online poker branch and currently services customers via the popular ipoker software network. Betfred offers quality gaming experience and the promos of the ipoker network, coupled with the reputation and support. of a well established and trusted gambling brand. Be sure to check out the high roller tournament promotions on offer at

Bwin Poker

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Bwin Poker is a popular European online poker brand that facilitates EU focused online poker through the large ongame software network. European players have access to multiple language support and EURO currency. The ongame software allows for tons of player traffic, big money tournaments, and mac compatible software. Additionally, Bwin is a pioneer in mobile device real money poker options.


room screenshot is trusted by hundreds of thousands of players around the world and owns the biggest player-base of online poker players. Pokerstars stands out as the brand with the largest amount of guaranteed tournaments offerings and highest stakes cash game traffic world-wide. competes in every aspect as the world’s best all around online poker room for players who reside outside the United States.

Party Poker

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Party Poker is one of the most recognizable poker brands in the world and an original pioneer of internet based real money poker games. Party is the number 2 trafficked online poker network and offers promotions and game offerings competitive with any poker brand in the industry. Party Is a publicly traded room trusted as one of the best sites to play poker online for all world markets aside from the United States.

Online Poker In 2019 Compared To 2002

A comparison of online poker today to 10 years ago finds that players have become much more skilled than in 2002 when Internet poker was in its infancy.

Many players began playing online poker when sites began sprouting up in the early 2000’s. Tables were loaded with new players who didn’t have much experience in the game and concepts of pot odds or equity were nowhere to be found in their vocabulary. The recreational and casual players were everywhere. Skilled poker players found the scenario similar to taking candy from a baby.

Fast-forward to 2012 and the story is completely different. Some of the players who lost a few hundred dollars or more seemingly learned a lesson and never returned. The ones who didn’t like losing learned to play better and are no longer the fish that they once were. Players online nowadays typically will understand at least the basics of poker strategy.

But the biggest reason for the disappearance of fish at the tables is the actions of U.S. lawmakers in enacting the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in 2006 and the Black Friday indictments in 2011 that shut down the three top sites, with only PokerStars returning thus far. Many not-so-skilled or average players have simply stopped playing online poker.

Recreational players cannot log on with a credit card in hand and easily deposit and begin playing, as was the case in the good old days 10 years ago. The easy money that used to be seated at many a virtual poker table is now increasingly hard to find. The players you can expect to encounter these days are serious about the game and the skill levels are way above those found in 2002. With only empirical evidence to back up my claim, I would venture to say that the $0.50/$1 cash games in 2012 are even more difficult than the $5/$10 stake tables in 2002. That is a huge difference in only a decade of time.

To be a successful and profitable online player today, dedication to making improvements to your game is essential. Reading books and articles on strategy, being active in online poker forums, studying hand histories, and using poker-tracking software are just about essential to being a winning player. If you’re not participating in such activities to increase your knowledge and keep up with the other players found online today, chances are that you’ll be at a distinct disadvantage. Some players even take the step of signing up for poker training or coaching to improve their play. There are still some bad players to be found at the virtual felt, but the online poker players today are way more skilled than in 2002.

Online poker in the US is on the verge of returning with Nevada leading the way and other states expected to follow suit. Recent talk of online poker legislation on the federal level has also been making the rounds. The game will eventually be legal in the U.S. and its only a matter of when and in what fashion. When it does become legalized, some of the fish may return to the tables. The overall skill level may decline as players can once again make deposits freely in a regulated environment without having concerns about the safety of their funds.

Since the skill level of online poker has evolved in such dramatic fashion in only 10 years time, it makes one wonder what the online game will look like in the next 10 years in 2022. An encouraging sign is that a large number of poker rooms have realized that recreational players are vital to the ecosystem and lifeblood of a successful online poker site. With too many skilled players and not enough fish, there is not a proper balance. This has prompted sites like Bodog Poker to make all of their tables anonymous to negate the use of poker-tracking software. And the Ongame Network has factored in strength of opponents in determining the awarding of VIP points, which slightly favors casual players.

The changes made by online poker sites to reward less-skilled players and a return of U.S. players to the online marketplace may bring some more fish to the tables. Perhaps the overall skill level of players will decrease in the next 10 years. It will be interesting to see how the online poker industry evolves in the next decade. But I am sure that I am not alone in fondly remembering the glory days of a decade ago when casual players were in abundance on every table and profit margins were much better than they are today.

About Playing Online Poker in 2019.

Due to the worldwide popularity of playing poker online, many companies across the globe compete to attract players to their free and real money poker games online. Online Poker BEST lists and reviews a wide variety of popular internet poker rooms and offers many comparison categories of the best poker sites.

For players looking for a quick recommendation on a current hotspot for online poker games we recommend to signup and play at Americas Cardroom. For more details on the best poker sites please browse our comprehensive rankings and reviews of 50+ top poker rooms.

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